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Virtual Soulful Sister Circle - Fierce Love
Virtual Soulful Sister Circle - Fierce Love

Virtual Soulful Sister Circle - Fierce Love

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Join us for a truly magical afternoon connecting in circle virtually.

Details :

The theme of this new moon is Fierce Love: I stand in my power with clear boundaries.

Saturday 21st March - New Moon in Aries

4pm - 6pm

Link will be sent out shortly with details on how to join.

Lets come together during this time to connect, clear our fears and lift the vibration of ourselves and this planet.

Within us lies the entire universe, we are made of the exact same things as the stars & planets, unfortunately though, we often forget our own personal power and agency within this extraordinary ecosystem. We fall victim to life's circumstances rather than remembering that we have the power to choose how we respond to life. In our forgetfulness, we believe that life is happening to us and not for us.

This theme will help us explore how we can grow into a sacred protectressess of truth, love, harmony, and justice. This journey begins in our own hearts, trickles into our relationships, and then impacts the world at large. This is about power with, and not power over. No one has power over you, you are the creator of your reality.


Our circle will open with an astrological reading of the current new moon & then beautiful heart opening meditation. Following this will be some acitivities that pertain to this months theme, the opportunity to share, listen and hold space in circle.

This sequence of activities & sharing will help us experience our deepest release and we will close the circle with a beautiful affirmation ritual.

We may be all practicing social distance right now & feel physically seperated but the love, kindness and self awareness we are all experiencing right now is powerful. 

Our intention is for this circle to be intimate and to cultivate true connection.

Each attendee will also receive a copy of my Aries New Moon Ebook (RRP$9.99) so that you can continue this inner work at home.

We cannot wait to join with you in circle beautiful.

Big Love,
Brooke & Dani

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