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Pisces New Moon Ebook

Pisces New Moon Ebook

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Do you want to dive deeper this new moon?

Our new moon guide will be your partner in journeying deeper into the energy of each new moon each month.

This months theme is:


New moon time-

Sydney: 24th February 2020, 2.32am

New York: 23rd February 2020, 10.32pm

London: 23rd February 2020, 3.32pm


It's the stories of legends, fables & tales...the story of a womens intuition. A mystery of the world, of the universe. A mystery to men. A thing feared, stifled, ridiculed, unexplainable to science. The power it holds downplayed for centeries - but no more. We, the collective, are craving her.

By honouring our intuition, we rise as empowered women, leaders, healers, way-showers to the planet.

For so long we have been happy to rely solely on logic, reason, quantifiable outcomes & data proven by the mind, by science. This knowledge is so powerful within & of itself, it has assisted us to grow but it is only one side of the coin. Feminine Intelligence, is all encompassing, accepting all that is, all experiences, emotions, dimensions. Accepting all messages of knowledge as teachers, wisdom & to be respected. This knowledge is accessible to all - women & men, those that identify as any and all. There is a movement however in reclaiming this feminine wisdom & women are the way-showers.

"We are now experiencing a revival of Feminine Intelligence, whether the powers-that-be choose to acknowledge it or not. We see a new age dawning through not only feminine leaders but also through children, compassionate men, and women all over the world who choose to live in alignment with feminine values such as compassion, empathy, and cooperation."

- Global Sisterhood.

Now is the time to trust your intuitive wisdom. Fully rise into an inner knowing of your Feminine Intelligence. Rise sister rise.


Your Guide will include:

  • Astrolgocial Forecast: This will cover the energy of this new moon, the planets energy & how this effects you & powerful words you can anchor into as you welcome its energy this month. 
  • Journal Prompts- that will have you reflecting on, diving deep and tuning into your Feminine Intelligence, learning to truly trust your intuitive wisdom. 
  • Rituals - The intention behind this months ritual is for you to connect to your own inner guidance & receive clarity, healing, & wisdom to support you on your journey.
  • Affirmation/Poem - for you to read, put on your fridge/phone etc and anchor into as you remember your true essence, your power throughout this potent month of realising and actualising your dreams. 

PLEASE NOTE: This guide will be sent via email to you on Friday 21st February (Brisbane, Australia time) ready to support you as you welcome in the potent Pisces New Moon. *****Please ENSURE you enter your correct email address at time of purchase.****

Any issues please email me at hello@foreverglowdesigns.com