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Aries New Moon Ebook
Aries New Moon Ebook

Aries New Moon Ebook

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Do you want to dive deeper this new moon?

Our new moon guide will be your partner in journeying deeper into the energy of each new moon, each month.

This months theme is:


New moon time-

Sydney: 24 March 2020, 8.28pm

New York: 24 March 2020, 5.28am

London: 24 March 2020, 9.28am


Within us lies the entire universe, we are made of the exact same things as the stars & planets, unfortunately though, we often forget our own personal power and agency within this extraordinary ecosystem. We fall victim to life's circumstances rather than remembering that we have the power to choose how we respond to life. In our forgetfulness, we believe that life is happening to us and not for us.

This theme will help us explore how we can grow into a sacred protectressess of truth, love, harmony, and justice. This journey begins in our own hearts, trickles into our relationships, and then impacts the world at large. This is about power with, and not power over. No one has power over you, you are the creator of your reality.


Your Guide will include:

  • Astrolgocial Forecast: This will cover the energy of this new moon, the planets energy & how this effects you & powerful words you can anchor into as you welcome its energy this month. 
  • Journal Prompts- that will have you reflecting on, diving deep and tuning into your personal power, learning to truly trust yourself & set loving boundaries. 
  • Rituals - The intention behind this months ritual is for you to connect to your own inner guidance & receive clarity, healing, & wisdom to support you on your journey.
  • Spotify Playlist & more - this is one of the most favourite parts of our guide! Listen to your own playlist currated especially for this theme as you work through this ebook plus more goodies inside. 

PLEASE NOTE: This guide (ebook) will be sent via email to you by Friday 20th March (Brisbane, Australia time) ready to support you as you welcome in the Aries New Moon. *****Please ENSURE you enter your correct email address at time of purchase.****

Any issues please email me at hello@foreverglowdesigns.com