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Aquarius New Moon Guide

Aquarius New Moon Guide

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Do you want to dive deeper this Aquarius new moon?

This new moon guide will be your partner in journeying deeper into the energy of each new moon.

This months theme is:


New moon time-

Sydney: January 25th, 8:42am

New York: January 24th, 4:42pm

London: January 24th, 5:42pm


We are now in the Age of Aquarius, and there is a calling in the hearts of women all over the world to DREAM again -- not only for ourselves, but for a better world. This is a spiritual revolution. We are reclaiming an innate feminine gift that has been pushed down for so long. We hold the blueprint within us for a new world.
One of the most natural gifts of the feminine is the ability to dream beautiful visions of what this world can be. Because of all women have endured, we hold the seed within us that hopes for a world that is loving, compassionate, and harmonious. It is time for this seed of hope to grow... and it's not just about shifting our communities and the world -- it's also about our individual visions for ourselves and our lives blossoming open into full manifestation. In fact, you can't do one without the other.

"Hear this sister: Whatever your vision is for yourself and the world, it is SACRED. Each woman has unique gifts, and has a unique role to play in creating a new paradigm on this planet".

Your awakened inner vision is a gift to yourself, your community, and the entire world. We each hold the power to shift the direction of humanity. Don't hold back now, my love -- it's time for you to reawaken your visions, believe in the infinite wisdom and potential of your heart, and birth your wildest dreams into being.
Welcome to the new moon in Aquarius.


Your Guide will include:

  • Astrolgocial Forecast: This will cover the energy of this new moon, the planets energy & how this effects you & powerful words you can anchor into as you welcome its energy this month. 
  • Journal Prompts- that will have you reflecting on, diving deep and manifesting your dreams under the potent energy of this Aquarius new moon. 
  • Rituals - The intention behind this months ritual is for you to plant seeds of manifestation to discover & realize your dreams for this upcoming year.
  • Affirmation/Poem - for you to read, put on your fridge/phone etc and anchor into as you remember your true essence, your power throughout this potent month of realising and actualising your dreams. 

PLEASE NOTE: This guide will be sent via email to you on Friday 24 January (Brisbane, Australia time) ready to support you as you welcome in the potent Aquarius New Moon. *****Please ENSURE you enter your correct email address at time of purchase.****

Any issues please email me at hello@foreverglowdesigns.com