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About Us






Hello 👋 I’m Dani. Mama of two, wife, sister, friend, multipassionate creatrix, space holder, reiki healer, health coach, and so much more I’m still learning about myself!

With a history of depression in my adolescence through to my mid twenties, health & wellness is total a non negotiable for me & what I learnt quickly after having my first bub was that more than ever, I had to put my health & wellness first so that I could be the intentional & present mother I wanted to be for this cute little bundle of a baby I had been gifted with. I needed to find a way.

During the dark days of my twenties I learnt about the mind body connection, the power of your words, mindset & the role you play in this. It absolutely turned my world around. Writing mantras & affirmations became a daily practice for me. It was how I rewired my thinking, became empowered & changed my life! After my first child was born I ached for a spiritual practice that was meaningful, simple and not time consuming. I needed something for me, something that grounded me in these turbulent times of becoming a mother. 

And so I embarked on another journey of learning. Consuming books, journal studies, courses, sitting in circle with like minded women. I slowly found my way back. Back to me. I learnt that motherhood changes you forever. I learnt that I was not alone in all of this. I learnt about matresence. I learnt how to hold space for me & other women through the major transitions in life. Through the mundane.

Forever Glow Wellness was born to be the daily reminder of the woman you want to be, give you the courage to follow your intuition, craft a life, family & career that gives you purpose, and to keep you aligned with your aspirations & dreams. It’s a community you can lean into. A place to find your village of like minded mamas & families. Come join me & lets craft an incredible, intentional life. Our world certainly needs more inspired, lit up women! Time to shine beautiful. 

Our Mission

Made for Women to Shine

Every women deserves to feel radiant, connected and the creator of her own journey. We make accessories & offerings that take your dreams & intentions & turn them into something that is beautiful, touchable and tangible. These offerings are your reminder to feel connected & supported during both the amazing and testing moments of this crazy ride called life.

Whats Important to Us

People & the Planet

People & the Planet



We are always working towards solutions that have the least impact on our planet & it's people. We want there to be a future for our children.

We make pieces that are intended to last & be with you through lifes ups & downs, We source materials of the highest quality. 

We consider you a part of our circle. We strive to always be learning & improving. Our hearts & minds are always open. Your feedback is important to us.