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June Soulful Sister Circle - Liberation of Forgiveness

June Soulful Sister Circle - Liberation of Forgiveness

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Join us for a truly magical evening connecting in circle at Earth Love Yoga studio. The night will include deep diving into your soul, intention setting, old-mindset releasing, heart activating, forgiving goodness!

Details :

The theme of this new moon is Liberation through Forgiveness: I Forgive, I Let Go, I Set Myself Free

Saturday, 29th June - New Moon in Cancer

6pm - 8pm

Earth Love Yoga

1739 Mount Cotton Rd

Burbank, Brisbane

Nibbles & drinks will be provided on the night.

We'll start with a aura cleansing sage ceremony as soon as you arrive, this will help cut cords & cleanse your energy to encourage high vibes throughout the evening ✌🏼

Then with a cup of yummy herbal tea in hand you will be asked to intuitively find a seat, pick an oracle card & will then have a chance to aromatically anchor yourself by applying pure essential oils to your body.

It is at this time that you can also add your alter piece to the middle of the circle. This can be an item that has significant meaning or is of importance to you such a crystal, statue, shell, picture etc, you will be able to remove it at the end of the circle.

The circle will open with a beautiful heart opening meditation, then will be followed by some acitivities and the opportunity to share, listen and hold space in circle.

This sequence of activities & sharing will help us experience our deepest release and we will close the circle with a beautiful affirmation ritual.

Afterwards we’ll put on some soulful beats (we can even have a little dance!), enjoy some delicious homemade chai (or tea), nibbles and conversation with each other!

It is going to be a beautiful night!

You will receive:

*Your very own affirmation card to take home.

*Refreshments - tea, chai, water & nibbles

*An amazing night filled with new experiences, new friends and new intentions!

Our intention is for this circle to be intimate and to cultivate true connection, therefore we will be capping the numbers at 15. Our last circle sold out so please purchase your ticket now to secure your spot in what is sure to be an absolutely soul loving, soul fulfilling night.

Big Love,
Brooke & Dani

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