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How To Use Essential Oil Diffuser Jewellery

Our essential collection aromatherapy diffuser jewellery is made with pourus lava beads that come from mother earth. 
They are designed to be a beautiful edition to your jewellery collection, effortlessly blending in, no one will even know they are mobile diffusers.
Essential oil diffuser jewellery is the perfect way to have your oils on you all day, benefit from their aromatic properties & smell amazing!

How to use:
Add 1-2 drops of essential oil to the lava beads for an all day diffuser. 
Switch or add oils whenever you need.
These jewellery pieces can be worn with or without oils. 
* I recommend only using 100% therapeutic grade essential oils on our Lava beads. This way you are guaranteed that your oils won't contain harmful fillers & artificial ingredients that will damage lava beads & your health.  
Whether you're using your essential collection jewellery for emotional support or a natural pure-fume alternative, I've included below some of my favourite recipes. 

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