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Embodying the Sovereign Woman

Embodying the Sovereign Woman

As we enter into the Virgo new moon this month, the calling of Sovereign Woman, the rising about and beyond societies expectations, is calling.


The sign of Virgo represents the Virgin, and as you are probably aware the Virgin has been known for thousands of years to describe and refer to whether a woman has had sexual intercourse or not. According to one of my mentors though, the etimology and root of the word Virgin actually come from the meaning "a woman who is whole unto herself, pure and holy".


Therefore it actually has nothing to do with sex!



So to begin this journey of sovereignty let us look at how she has been embodied to date....


Many think of a Queen. Ruling over her people. Controlling, comanding, and being obeyed, to me that seems very masculine.

The modern day embodiment of the Sovereign Woman is to me the High Priestess architype.  She is devoted in her heart. Reverent to the forces of nature, to the divine that lives within all, ourselves included, the forces of nature that is in every living thing. The divine that is in the moon, stars, oceans & trees.

Her journey is of devotion to study and growth. A priestess is a woman who can transalate the language of nature (the divine) into her own unique expression.

Let me repeat that "Her Own Unique Expression".


The divine is vast and varied, it can be described in many ways, tongues and expressions. As can she (the High Priestess - the Sovereign Woman).


A Sovereign Woman is a woman of herself, rooted in who she is, whoever that may be. We are all living, breathing unique beings of the divine.


Society has told us that to be respected, to be accepted, to be loved, we must conform, we must fit a certain mold. Shave your legs, wear certain clothes, be a certain size or look a certain way, act lady like at work etc.


Everyone of us has our own unique societal imprint, that has led us to believe we are not 'quite' good enough as we are. We are not 'quite' acceptable yet. And so we continue to become 'that' what every 'that' is!?


You my sister may be far beyond the desire to conform yourself to societal norms and pressures of acceptance, but many women are not. 

Most woman are on a journey of study and growth. Of healing and continually shedding layers of themselves revealing the illusions in their minds eye that they have believed to be true for them of what is beautiful, what makes them loveable and powerful!


So the theme this new moon, Friday August 30th, we will be looking at where we can let go. Where we can explore further where we are still sacrificing who we are to 'fit in'. Maybe it was something we learned in childhood, past lives or some other experience in adulthood. Whatever it is we are ready to shed that which we no longer need 'to be'.



So whether you are journeying with us this Saturday night in circle or not, this is a powerful time to collectively come together as sisters, as women and honour the uniqueness in each of us, to encourage your sisters to step into her truth, her power and radiate.


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